So much for plans…


“60 Days”

My stomach dropped when the head of “People Services” – aka HR – told me that my job was being relocated to Troy, NY. After 4.5 years of working my ass off, spending time away from my family, putting in many extra hours to get the job done, they said that my job is now redundant and cheaper elsewhere. And that I get to stay on for 60 days to transition everything that I’ve been building for 4.5 years to the people that are replacing me. They said not to take it personally. They really aren’t “people” people.

So now the plans have changed. And 60 days is now my deadline to get a lot done. Including moving to Washington. But we have to.

Let’s get this party started

The housing market here is going through the roof with limited inventory and people desperate to find houses under one million dollars. Houses in our neighborhood are selling after 1-2 open houses and, many times, over asking. It really is a seller’s market right now and we just aren’t sure it will last much longer. Which means the clock has started ticking and we still have quite a long “to do” list. But we will get our house on the market this month. We have to.

Tick tock

On the bright side, we can qualify for our construction loan before selling the house. The not so bright side? They take 60-90 days to go through. And I only have 60. This is going to be close. We have to try though.

The new plan

  1. Finish fixing up the house
  2. Purge all the things
  3. Sell all the things
  4. Donate the rest of the things
  5. Sell the house
  6. Get financing for the new house
  7. Find a rental in Washington
  8. Move with the boys
  9. Leave Jim behind
  10. Find a job
  11. Move Jim so he can find a job
  12. Build the house
  13. Move into the house
  14. Live

We can do this. We have to.

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