Road Trip Part 2


The second day in Washington was cloudy, drizzly, and chilly. It was lovely. Really. Such a nice change from the 90 degree weather in San Jose. Of course, the boys could care less about the rain and had to visit the creek in the morning. So while the boys were hanging out and exploring the creek, I stayed back under my natural umbrella called this huge ass lovely tree. This one is by far one of the largest on the property and a great hangout spot that I could see a little patio with chairs and a fire pit. I daydreamed for a bit while staying nice and dry under the canopy.

School Explorations

Then it was exploration time – I wanted to visit the schools and see how far they are from the property. The elementary and middle school that we’re zoned to go to were actually quite a hike East but are located right next to each other. Like same parking lot next to each other. Which is good…but I’m not sold on the drive there. So we went and checked out the other schools in Washougal that are located closer to the High School and near town. That drive was much more acceptable.

Now, Washougal is a small town, but it’s evident that the schools actually get funded. Class sizes are about 20 kids per teacher. We’re lucky to have 30 here with a max of 32. The buildings are all brick. And they have theaters and drama classes and performing arts. And football stadiums.


The Washougal schools were nice, but then we ventured over to Camas to check out theirs. They have super high rankings and a great reputation. So we checked out the gynormous high school first.


The baseball and football fields were huge and so well kept. Then we went to where the middle school and elementary schools were – closer to downtown Camas. The junior high had a theater! And the football stadium??? Well…those junior high football teams have it made…


Afterwards, we checked out the port of Camas and Washougal on the Columbia river and ate lunch on a floating doc. It smelled fishy.

IMG_5764-web IMG_5761-web

And, of course, we couldn’t leave Washougal without checking out the Washougal River. When we first drove alongside it, we found the favorite fishing spot – I’m guessing they fish there rain or shine.


We came back once the rain subsided and found a nice spot to check it out. It’s going to be an awesome fishing spot.


Now to plan our next trip!

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