Almost there!


Last Steps

So we’ve removed all contingencies on the property now that it’s officially deemed a legal lot. The loan company also let us know that everything has gone through underwriting and we’re officially approved. We’ve done everything over phone, email and web for this transaction (except for Jim’s trip up there), which has been awesome. And Fridau, the appraisal came in at sale price! So if all goes well, we’ll be signing and closing in the next week or so (via a courtesy signing somewhere near us) and officially be Washington land owners. Woot!

What’s Next?

Why a road trip, of course! We’re planning on driving up there labor day weekend to make sure everything is locked up and so the boys and I can actually meet our new adventure. While we’re up there, we’ve got a laundry list of things to do:

  1. Pick up the keys!!! And figure out something special to give our realtor for all of the extra work we’ve given him (any suggestions?)
  2. Change the locks on the well house and make sure it’s all nice and secure
  3. Assess the rest of the property and see if there’s anything of value left behind
  4. See if we can find someone to mow down the weeds (any suggestions of people who rent our their goats, let me know)
  5. Torch the mobile home (wishful thinking…we’ll have to do an asbestos test first)
  6. Think of all the things we can do with the property
  7. Meet our neighbors and give them our phone number in case they notice anything funny
  8. Check out the schools and the rest of the neighborhood
  9. Take lots of pictures
  10. And, if there’s time, start talking with architects and builders

And I’m sure we’ve forgotten a few things. But we’ll play it by ear.

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