To the new owners…


Dear new home owners,

Congratulations on your buying your first house! You picked a great one 🙂 It really didn’t start out that way but with a lot of hard work, we think it turned out pretty nice. Here’s the house we bought in 2001:


Over the years we transformed our first house into the home we always wanted. I know that you will do the same and turn it into the best home for you and your family. Here are some things that you should know…

Outside things

I sure hope you love oranges. And have family and friends who love oranges. Because you just bought the very best orange tree you’ll ever meet. Around Christmas the oranges will start getting sweeter and will be perfect mid January. Be prepared for hundreds of them. I’m totally going to miss my oranges.

The roses almost take care of themselves…just cut them down in the winter and they will be blooming by spring.

Do not, under any circumstances trim the tree in the corner of the backyard. You think it will be helping but it won’t. Just leave it alone and thank me later.

Enjoy the rain chain…if it ever rains.

Sometimes birds fly into the top window in the living room. This is why I never cleaned that window. All for the birds (my story….sticking to it).

Keep an eye on the weeds that pop up in the sideyard…we put down weed blocker under the rocks, but man those weeds are persistent.

Inside things

I already showed you the secret switch to the under-cabinet lighting. But in case you forgot, it’s in the cabinet above the microwave.

There’s an extra water filter above the fridge for you. Change it once the light on the fridge changes to red! Just make sure it’s installed properly or it might leak under the wood floors all night long…and then you’ll have to replace the floors.

There’s a few leftover floor boards in the back bedroom closet. They have been discontinued. See above. Good luck.

We left extra inside and outside paint in the garage for you as well as leftover bathroom tile. Also in the garage we left the drawings for the addition..signed by the inspectors. Just in case you need them. I hope you just don’t throw them away.

Also in the garage we left filters for the heater. You might want to change it before turning on the heater for the cooler weather.

In the bag of keys, there’s a door “key” that fits inside the hole in the bedroom doors to unlock from the outside. Don’t lose this. You’ll need it when your daughter gets older…mmhmm.

And lastly…in case you didn’t take one…here’s your first house picture. Hang onto it! And take care of our home.




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