This home has a pending offer…


Offer Accepted!

Late Sunday morning we received a call from our realtor that the seller had excepted our offer! Seriously! No counter offer – which always makes me double guess if we should have offered less. I promise that there will be much more self doubt to come. We finally got the signed paperwork yesterday and an updated MLS listing posted! It’s getting real!


Due Diligence

As part of our offer agreement, we have 14 days from the signed agreement to ensure that the property fits all of our needs. This is pretty much the equivalent to a home inspection. So we’ll finally get to see the land in person before committing to the purchase. You totally thought we were going to buy it, site unseen, didn’t you? I’m crazy, but not insane. Instead of both of us going up, Jim’s taking one for the team and making the short plane ride up there next Monday. We’ve set up a well pump test to find out GPM (gallons per minute) and will check things out with Clark County to make sure there are no building restrictions. I’m sure I can find more to-dos to add to the list. But, for now, we’re tentative Washington land owners!

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