So many happenings!


Sale Pending

After just over a week on the market including one weekend of open houses, we received THREE offers by the deadline that our realtor set. Phew! One of the offers wasn’t that great but the other two were both above asking!!! Each family wrote super sweet letters that basically screamed “Pick me!”

The family we decided to go with are first time home buyers who have been living with their parents and saving money for a down payment. They love the neighborhood and just seemed like they would take such good care of the house we made into a home. We gave them the chance to match the other bid and they did!

Then the 30 day closing countdown started. In 10 days they needed to get all of their inspections done and release the contingencies. Now I might have worried myself a bit thinking that they’d come back wanting us to replace the roof or something. But they asked for nothing! And now we have 18 days to move out. Holy shit.

Sold my car

It was the easiest car we ever sold. Now we don’t have to take it with us and I can buy something new and 4 wheel drive-y (with heated seats) when we get up there.


It really was a good thing. That place is going to hell on a supersonic speed train. But I will miss some of the people there. They were good people.

But onward to new jobs! For much better companies! I already have an interview lined up for our next trip up there (in a week) and Jim has three!

The Washington Rental Market

Apparently the vacancy rate for rentals is 2.5%. Um…this is no bueno. We’re going to have to have some serious luck on our side when we are up there. I really hope that being a home owner for 17 years with no rental history doesn’t kick us in the butt. Really. I have no idea what we’ll do if we can’t find a place to rent.

Everyone wants a free mobile home

I posted our mobile home on Craigslist last night just to see if there might be any interest. Apparently there’s a ton of interest. Like 30 or so emails in less than a day. So we’ll have to figure out how to get that done and save lots of money since we won’t have to demo it. It’s on the to-do list.

The New House

After waiting for a while and a little back and forth, we were able to sign our contract with the builders so that the bank can process the loan. Appraisals up there are taking about 45 days and permits are taking even longer. We’re hoping that we can get both finalized around the same time so that we can break ground in November!

The Next Trip

Thanks to the in-laws (they are so awesome) who are going to watch the boys AND the dogs, Jim and I are going to take a trip up there next weekend with a load of things to put in storage as well as dump on our property. It’s going to be a jam-packed 4 days:

  • Saturday: Drive drive drive; set up as many rental appointments as possible and line up everyone interested in a free mobile home
  • Sunday: Unload the uhaul at the storage unit and property; view rentals and show mobile home
  • Monday: Pick up rental car; Laura’s interview; view rentals; tell the mailman (John) to stop holding our mail; figure out how to transfer a mobile home to someone else; drop in interview for Jim; drop off U-haul
  • Tuesday: Jim’s interviews; everything we didn’t get done on Sunday and Monday; visit the school district to figure out how to enroll the boys; cry if we didn’t find a place to rent; fly home
  • Wednesday: Drink coffee…lots of coffee

I really hope that everything falls into place pretty quickly. If not, I’m sure we’ll figure it out. We have to!

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