Remember that time…


When Jim flew up to Washington so that he could go to the county office and make sure that all was OK with the lot? And the county office said that a legal lot determination had never been done so they can’t guarantee that we’d be able to build on it unless we did one? Yeah, so weeks, paperwork, and more money later, they came back with the information that there had INDEED been one done back in 1976 when the mobile home was placed on the land. Sigh. So, the good news is that we’re getting our money back (in 4-6 weeks) and the land IS a legal lot. It’s been determined. The bad news…now we have to wait for the appraisal to get done and hope the seller is fine with waiting for that now since apparently it takes 2-3 weeks up there.

That said, everything is looking good and moving in the right direction so I’m thankful for that. We’ve already planned camping trips (in our heads) to road trip up and camp out on the land. The nice thing is that the well house has a bathroom and kitchenette type area which is probably just as good as the ones at a campground.

It’s getting real!!! By next month, we should be Washington land owners!

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