Oh Property Brothers Where Art Thou?


Now if you’ve never watched the Property Brothers (aka┬áJonathan and Drew) on HGTV or any of their other shows, I totally recommend you get out from under than rock and find a comfy spot on the couch! Not only do they take complete fixer uppers and transform them into completely beautiful spaces, they also show the home buyers the dream house they totally can’t afford. That’s entertainment. In the end, it always works out where the homeowners get exactly what they wanted anyways so happy ending yay.

Jonathan and Drew have competed against each other. They’ve remodeled a family home as well as an entire ranch space. They’ve fixed up places to sell and I’m sure plenty of other things to add to the list of accomplishments. BUT, have they have built a dream house from scratch? Well, here’s their chance…and my plea!!!

So how about it, Jonanthan and Drew? We’re not planning on moving until 2017 anyways so there’s plenty of time to put this show on the future books while making a family’s dream come true. Pleeeease? I have cute kids. And we’re handy peeps.

And please spread the social word!!! Remember that schedule I have for this year? We have to get a move on.

I did attempt this on Facebook here, and Drew gave a really nice response:


But we can do better! Sharing is caring!

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