I can see it now!


I really can’t believe what we’ve accomplished in the last 7 or so months. And, the best news yet? The builders think we should be ready to move in by the middle of July! Which is perfect! Then we can get the boys situated in their new schools (for the final time) and even have nice weather to start building all of the things we want to do on the land.

But first, we need to get the house done…can you visualize it? I can!



Isn’t it just awesome? We think so too!


  1. We’re looking at building the WIldmere Cottage, too! But I’m stumped trying to figure out how to add a garage… where is yours connected? For our lot, it would be ideal to connect to the right side of the house.

    Curious to see your layout on your lot! If you’re up to it, shoot me an e-mail!

    1. We are considering removing the screened-in porch, and putting a garage in its place. The mudroom would act almost like an enclosed (and not wasted) breezeway.

      1. Oh that’s an interesting idea. Keep in mind that the master bath and kitchen look out that way though. We did a covered porch and can see it from both windows.

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