Hello future people


Hey there,

If you’re reading this it’s hopefully at least the year 2080 and every website ever made (including this one) is available online regardless of if my kids stopped renewing my hosting and domain. And I can’t believe they sold the house! But I hope you love it and can make it your home. And it seems that you found our surprise!

It’s a time capsule! Filled with things from 2017…when we built this house. In it, you will find:

1. My first blog entry along with our house plans and some printed photos.

Time Capsule

2. Local newspapers complete with sales ads. Now you know how cheap everything was in 2017! And gas was $2.99 a gallon. Do you still actually have gas?


3. Minecraft legos build book. You must still have legos. I guarantee you will find some buried around the property at some point. And Minecraft has probably evolved to incorporate virtual reality. But this was the generation of kids where it all started. You’re welcome!


4. And we can’t forget about Pokémon. Cards were traded at school and Pokémon Go was all the craze…played by kids AND adults. And everyone loved Pikachu.


5. This generation would be nothing without Apple. Here’s a pair of earbuds that worked with iPhones and iPads. Yes, they are wired. Yes we put them in our ears.


6. More fun facts…our generation needed lots of encouragement to exercise as opposed to sitting in front of a computer all day. Enter the Fitbit! This is the original version of the flex. It counted steps and tracked your sleep. So basic, huh?


7. Oh! Dystopian novels were all the rage. Hopefully this one never really happens. Because if it did, well, this blog post is pretty much a waste of my time.

The Maze Runner

8. Last but not least…what the heck is this little gadget you ask? Well it was intended to help kids who get easily distracted and “fidgety” in school…and they adopted the name “fidget spinners” which became the coolest toy to have. So they eventually got banned from school when their good intentions became misused and abused.

Fight spinner

Eveything is packed in an airtight, waterproof ziplock bag…oooooh…aaaaaah….


Hopfully you found everything in this super cool (and old to us) ammo case that was passed down a few generations. Stuff back then was made so much better than things now (probably even this house).

Ammo case

And hopefully you found it under the stairs….ideally installing awesome hardwood flooring that I couldn’t.


Enjoy! And if you make any money on this stuff, please donate it to a great cause.


The Martins

P.S. If you find a beer bottle in the wall of the upstairs back bedroom, that’s courtesy of our builders.

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