All the Feels


We’ve been moving a mile a minute trying to get a years worth of projects done in a month that I haven’t had a chance to really think. Now that we’re as done as we can be and the house is on the market, all of the feels are starting to come out.


Did we do enough on the house? The inspections indicated that the roof will need to be replaced pretty soon. The floors are scratched. We didn’t paint the office and living room. We did so much but if we had the whole year, we could have done more. And we really need to sell as soon as possible. I hope it was enough.


I’m really going to miss here. All of our family and friends, the house we made into a home, the memories all around…it’s really going to be hard to say goodbye. And really hard to hand over the keys to something we put so much work into. I really hope that we can sell the house to a wonderful family who loves and cares for it as much as we have.


We want offers now!


I’m still really hurt that I’m being let go. I worked so hard for the last 4.5 years only to be dismissed. My head knows that it was just a business decision (albeit a really bad one) but my heart just feels rejected and stomped all over. It sucks.


I really hated working at that company. So many idiots. This is better.


I really don’t want to have to move without Jim. I hope he can get a job offer up there (yes, this is a possibility!) so that we can move together. I don’t do very well with the new on my own and he really helps me with that. Not to mention we’d all miss him so much!


There is so much new to come! I’m most excited to see the boys happy and healthy in this new life we’re building. I can’t wait for us to make new memories, new firsts, new friends, new adventures…it’s going to be awesome.


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